Should You Decide to Buy An Electric Or An Acoustic Guitar? Part 2

guitar-269213_640 croppedI cannot emphasise enough that you must try and get yourself a respectable, playable guitar, above all else, when making your online guitar purchase. There are all types and models of guitars out there which are very, very inexpensive, but they will not do the job.

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Okay, you do not need to spend a fortune, but you should be thinking in terms of at least $140 and more preferably $250 or more for your first acoustic guitar.

Try to find Yamaha or even Takamine acoustics as they have entry-level models, but there are lots more to choose from, should you want.

One top tip is to go pawnshops as they can often times be a very good source for a beginner guitar. Look at second-hand ads, for sure, but take a really knowledgeable guitarist with you to make sure that you are getting a quality instrument.

He is a sad story to tell you – I once bought a guitar in an auction which I thought was great value and it looked good from a distance but I didn’t get the opportunity to play it. It turned out to be completely useless and I wasted all my money and got myself wasting a lot of time in getting very frustrated.

Whatever you do, do not make the same error.

By far the best place to get an acoustic guitar is to go to your local music shop, but people still go for the option of an online guitar purchase because it is so quick and easy. Your local retailer will have the time and the knowledge to guide you through the options and make sure that you make a good purchase.

They want to build a relationship with you for the future so that you will go back and make further purchases from them as and when you need. And trust me, you will be making more purchases in the future.

Ensure you do some online research and look at honest reviews before making your decision. It will be time well spent and you will have much more of an idea about what to get yourself and what to look for in the different instruments. You should be able to find an instrument which looks great, sounds good and is enjoyable to play if you just take a short while and work out what is on offer.

As I always say, learning to play guitar is all about being relaxed and joyful about the experience, and having a quality guitar that does the job is the only way you will achieve that.

But whatever you do, play the guitar.