Should You Decide to Buy An Electric Or An Acoustic Guitar? Part 1

Maybe you are considering buying a guitar? Yes? Well in that case, I am sure that you might be finding that it really can be quite guitar-469116_640 croppedoverwhelming trying to choose between playing an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar. I suggest that the very first question that you should ask yourself is something along the lines of “Which do I want to play – the electric guitar or the acoustic guitar?”

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However, here is some guidance about how I view the question.

The point is that although you might not realise it right now, you will almost definitely going to want to own an acoustic guitar at some time in the future. I know that you might not feel that way right now. But, yes, that includes you, even if you are highly enthusiastic about electric guitar the moment. This is because variety is the spice of life and at some point you’re going to want to try and your acoustic guitar, trust me, you will.

You ought to really think about starting to play an acoustic guitar in the first place. Unless, of course, you really cannot possibly bear the thought and your heart is completely set on playing the electric guitar. I say this as it will save you from the difficulty of having to carry around an electric guitar amplifier everywhere that you go.   You can get to be quite heavy, you know

You can simply put your guitar into your car (all on the bus) and quickly and easily travel to wherever you want if you stick to an acoustic, for now. You do not need to be concerned about an electrical supply, either. Imagine, but you want to nip down to the beach or into the park for a singsong. You can do that with acoustic guitar but it would take a special battery-powered amplifier for the electric guitar to do the job. That is something to think about when making your online guitar purchase

Playing an acoustic guitar brings with it a huge amount of pluses. Musicians love to play with other musicians and an acoustic guitar can be used to play along with just about any other musical instrument or, indeed, a vocalist. And that makes it even more attractive.

Your next decision is deciding which type of acoustic guitar to get yourself. An absolutely brilliant guitar is the Gibson acoustic guitar, which gives a more mellow sound than most other acoustic guitars. Another fantastic guitar, the Martin guitar, has a much brighter quality on top strings with a more deep audio on the bass strings. Either of these are amazing guitars but they really are very pricey.